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DreamWave appoints MI Engineering as Distributor in Thailand with a Launch Event in Bangkok Hardrock Café.


USAaudio company DreamWave has established itself as a premier audio brand foraudiophiles, with exciting growth in the America, Europe and Asian markets. Now, thanks to an exclusive distribution agreement with aleading Thailand Audio Distribution company MI Engineering – DreamWave will beavailable in all Audio Channels and specialty stores such as Sports, Outdoor ,Lfiestyle , Musical Instruments and leading retail stores.  

 “We are excited about the synergies this product rangeshares with Thailand lifestyles that demand sophisticated, rugged and superioraudio products. The relationship with DreamWave both complements our portfoliooffering and provides our customers with a total solution to their lifestyleand outdoor needs. Key to the success of this quality brand in Thailand will bethe luxury of choice that the price range brings, allowing the consumer to pickand choose the products best suited to their wants and needs in a number ofoccasions, whilst always delivering powerful sound and status,” saysJasper, General Manager of MI Engineering.

“Jasper and myself shares the samevision as DreamWave, which is driven by a passion for music, style andadventure. MI Engineering is very professional in conducting Business,detailing the marketing activities, survey and sharing what it takes to besuccessful in Thailand .They had also organize a Launch party to LaunchDreamWave Rockstar into the Market. Together with MI Engineering, we willcreate a sustainable business model, making DreamWave an ideal choice for Thailand.”, says Ken Siow, VP of Global Sales, DreamWave.

The full range ofproducts with their elegant yet robust features are designed to weather theoutdoors, making this brand an ideal choice for Thais. Whether it’s around thepool, at the beach, in the forest, DreamWave is dedicated to redefining the waymusic is integrated into your life.


About DreamWave Audio:

US Audio Company, dedicated to redefine the way Music is integrated into Life – Designed for Toughness, Bluetooth Audio sound systems that feature advanced Audio Reproduction technology and premium audiophile class-tuned drivers that reproduce the fullness, clarity,and depth of music in unmatched quality that is suited for unforgiving outdoor use. We strive to surprise customers on what great sound experiences are, allowing them to feel, sense & moves the music- not just listen to it.

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