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A Portable system created for both staying in and outdoor

Rockstar is World 1st Multi-instrument, IPX5 Portable Combo Amp, Mobile App enabled with 2.4G pairing and Bluetooth features. It’s created with Musicians, Audiophiles and music lovers in mind. Rockstar,crushing the limitations of Audio engineering for Multi-Instruments, achieving Audio excellence for music listening and Live performance, combining stunning sound with an equally stunning Rugged design, won Computex d&i award 2017 organnized by Taiwan external Trade Development Council and executed by the iF Design Asia Ltd. 

Rockstar measures just 31cm D x 54.3cm W x 43cm H, and delivers the best audio performance for any Outdoor Combo Amp or System its size, no matter what you’re listening to. It’s Bluetooth enabled for easy pairing, so streaming Spotify® or virtually anything else issimple and fast. With 2.4G Multi-Pairing, Multiple Rockstar can be paired to match the audience size for Live Performance. It breaks from convention further with its premium materials, IPX5 splash protection and 26000mAh rechargeable lithium battery which allows charging of Mobile devices on the go and audio playback or Live performance for up to 12 hours. Rockstar Multiple inputs allow Microphones, electric and acoustic guitar, electric Drum, Bass guitar or Electronic Keyboard to be played simultaneously.

DreamWave Mobile App available in iOS and Android,enables guitarist to practice, jam and record with award-winning Rockstar wherever they are. Guitarists can instantly access common default setting or customize their own Amplifier, Equalizer, effects and Modulation setting. Vocalist can equalize and select the reverb and delay effect level.

When using Rockstar as an Audio System, Audiophiles can select various ambience, Hall effect and dynamics on Rockstar mobile App with Advance Options.



● 80W All-in-one portable sound system

● Bluetooth 4.0 + EDR, A2DP AVRCP,  & APP Enabled

● No setup required, just plug in and go

● 2.4G Wireless multi-pairing

● Professional DSP Vocal / Karaoke

● 11 Default DSP + 11 User DSP
● Rechargeable lithium battery 26000mAh
● Up to 12 hours audio playback
● 8 Audio inputs for multi instruments
● IPX5 Splash proof
● built-in 5V/2.1A power bank

App Enabled

2.4G wireless Multi-pairing

11 Default DSP; 11 User DSP

Professional DSP Vocal / Karaoke

Rechargeable 26000mAh battery

12 hours audio playback

8" full range x 1; 3" tweeter x 4; Passive driver x 2

HiFi digital amplifier; Anti-distortion

8 inputs for multiple instruments

IPX5 splashproof


RockStar * 1

3.5mm AUX cable * 1

AC charging adapter* 1

AUX connector converter *2

XLR Microphone Cable *2

Product net weight (kg): 12.3KG

Product size(mm): 430*543*310

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